Awake to Righteousness Vol 2 DVD set

Price: $69.99


Awake to Righteousness Vol 2 DVD set by Connie Witter

DVD set with 8 videos based in The Book of Romans  -  Listen to the first message

Join Connie as she continues to Jesus in the Book of Romans. In Volume II she teaches chapters 9 – 16. Learn more about the greatest gift ever given; Righteousness!

Message Titles: 

Week 1: Works Righteousness vs Faith Righteousness
Week 2: Christ is the End of the Law for Righteousness
Week 3: Works vs Grace
Week 4: Jesus Alone Qualifies You
Week 5: Let God Transform the Way You Think
Week 6: Clothe Yourself With Jesus
Week 7: No More Judgment; Only Acceptance
Week 8: The Righteous Glorify God

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