Let Jesus Love the Weight Off of You Devotional

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This book is a 31 day devotional by authors Connie Witter, Gwen Myrie, and Sherry Riether. This book can also be used as a 10 week group study.

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This is NOT a book about how to lose weight. Rather, it is a book about how to be intimate with the Lover of your soul. We have all read books that have given us rules to weight loss, and have gotten a small measure of success, but the results were not lasting because the root problem was not addressed! Losing weight is a journey of the heart. The problem is not what you’re eating, but what you’re believing. Jesus is the ONLY one who can guide you successfully through the tangled web of erroneous beliefs you have about yourself, lies you believe that are hidden deep within your heart. He is the Lover of your soul, and you will need Him to help you every step of the way!

The journey to weight loss is a personal journey. It will be tailored to your intimate needs. You can be sure that Jesus will get you to the other side of what, right now, may seem overwhelming. Are you ready to have the way you think and believe about yourself transformed? Have you come to the end of your own self-effort? Are you ready to let Jesus love the weight off of you because that is where permanent weight loss begins!


Week 1: Sherry Riether

Day 1 Let Jesus love the weight off of you

Day 2 Come to the Throne of Grace

Day 3 Not My Will Power, but His Real Power


Week 2: Gwen Myrie

Day 4 Help Me, Jesus

Day 5 You’re tall and thin like a palm tree

Day 6 It’s a Heart Issue


Week 3: Connie Witter

Day 7 The Struggle is Over! You Have the Mind of Christ-

Day 8 Let Jesus Change the Way You Think

Day 9 Negative Thoughts are not your thoughts


Week 4: Sherry Riether

Day 10 Recognize the Lies that Have Held You Captive

Day 11 Let Jesus Love you out of your secrets

Day 12 Your Exodus- Let Jesus Lead you Out


Week 5 Gwen Myrie

Day 13 You’re Not Defined by your failures

Day 14 Understand Your Value! You are Worthy!

Day 15  Whose House is this anyway?


Week 6 Connie Witter

Day 16 There’s Nothing At All Wrong with You

Day 17 We Will Do It Together

Day 18 Healthy by Design


Week 7: Sherry Riether

Day 19 Overwhelmed No More

Day 20 You Lack Nothing

Day 21 From bondage to freedom


Week 8: Gwen Myrie

Day 22 Reigning through Righteousness

Day 23 So Long Self-Effort

Day 24 Guilt Free Eating


Week 9: Connie Witter

Day 25 Sin Has Lost it’s Power

Day 26 Let Go of the Weight that Hinders your Progress

Day 27 Jesus- Your Way of Escape


Week 10: Gwen Myrie & Sherry Riether

Day 28 Resurrected to a Brand New Life

Day 29 Only believe

Day 30 Deliverance from Wandering in the Dessert

Day 31 Truly Free- No Going Back to Bondage

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